The National Meteorological Training Centre (NMTC) is under Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA), was established by the then Directorate of Meteorology in 1978 after the collapse of the then East African Community (E.A.C). The objective for establishing NMTC is to enable the country to develop its human resources capacity in the field of Meteorology. In 1983, the training Centre was moved to Kigoma/Ujiji Municipality from Dar es Salaam. NMTC has been offering courses leading to Meteorological Technician Mid- level (class IV and class III), then 2005 NMTC has been conducting course leading tocWMO Meteorological Technician, Senior Level (class II).

The National Meteorological Training Centre is fully registered and accredited by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). It was officially registered by NACTE in March, 2014 with registration number REG/EOS/025. It is also recognised internationally by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).